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  • Special Announcement from the Finance Minister
  • Posted 2020 December 2

  • The President of the Republic of Ackaria has announced a solution to ongoing currency valuation issues.

  • As of January 1st, 2021, The Republic of Ackaria has adopted Bitcoin as official tender. All Ackaria citizens are requested to return any various local currencies to the Ministry of Finance in exchange for Bitcoin immediately. Conversion rates (plus any transaction fees) will be determined at time of conversion. We will explore official support for other cryptocurrencies on a case-by-case basis. Committee meetings for Stellar Lumens, Ripple, and Dogecoin will be held soon. We appreciate the tip, Elon!

  • Once traded, Bitcoin will be deposited into ACKWallet via your registered bitcoin address within 24 hours. The transaction will originate from the Ministry of Finance's official depository address below. Feel free to verify this address on our Keybase, Blockhain Explorer, or Bitcoin Who's Who pages.

  • Unfortunately, it seems that Apple and Google have banned ACKWallet from their repsective App Stores for 'suspicious monetary activity'...who knew? No worries, we'll have a mirror up in a few months. Tough luck for you non-believers who don't yet have it until then! We'll be sure to wait as long as possible.

  • Ministry Official Bitcoin Wallet Address:
  • bitcoin 1FsXnPtqRtWs89YtDhFdoZpyt2LUWJDfW1

  • May your year be filled with instant, low-fee commerce!

  • Mr. Urmo Rohtla, Finance Minister of the Republic of Ackaria

  • Mr. Urmo Rohtla
  • Finance Minister
  • Government of Ackaria

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  • Note to Mr. Rohtla: Let's hope those nasty folks at Bridgewater Investigations stay out of our business this year as well, else we may be forced to act in 'self-defense' hehehe... [IT: Remove this before publishing. This is not an internal message board. - NSS OPSEC]